Generation C, also known as the Connected Generation, refer to the group of people who have grown up with technology and are always connected to it. 
Who are Generation C? 
Unlike Generations who are usually described by age bands, Generation C is psychographic group. 
They have similar traits, lifestyles, and ideologies. They are classed as: 
• Being part of the same tribe of people. 
• Use the internet for their main source of entertainment (59% of this group). 
• They do not search for products on the internet but see things via social media instead. 
Generation C traits include: 
• A collaborative approach – they like working in teams and on projects together. 
• Problem solving – they have a solutions-based approach to work. 
• Flexibility – they are looking for flexible working arrangements and a healthy work life balance. 
How to Attract Generation C 
• Corporate social responsibility: This can be a determining factor to Generation C so companies looking to attract this generation should have this policy on their website. 
• Embrace technology: Companies that embrace technology and offer modern and innovative solutions to everyday tasks are more likely to appeal to Generation C. This includes offering modern software tools, communication technologies, and digital channels for communication. We suggest advertising IT products and packages that you use in the workplace with clear representations of why you use them and why it would make their job easier. 
• Utilise social media: Use social media platforms to reach out to Generation C and engage with them through targeted ads, content, and messaging. Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are particularly popular among this age group. Also, they want to see what it is like to work with you so ensure your social media reflects what you do in the workplace. 
Successfully Recruiting and Retaining Generation C 
• Look at the Individual: Make this Generation feel special and not just part of a process. One way to do this is by not using standard emails, but instead using use their names and building a rapport. We suggest also looking at their creativity and ability to undergo critical thinking tasks as well as testing their social and emotional intelligence using collaborative tasks. 
• Offer flexible work arrangements: Generation C prioritises work-life balance, and companies that offer flexible work arrangements such as remote work or flexible hours are more likely to attract and retain them. 
• Emphasise career growth: This Generation values career growth and learning opportunities. Companies looking to recruit and retain this Generation should offer training and development programs and career advancement opportunities. 
• Promote a strong company culture: Generation C values a company culture that aligns with their beliefs and values. Companies that promote a strong sense of community, diversity, and inclusivity are more likely to retain this generation. 
Overall, attracting, recruiting, and retaining Generation C requires a forward-thinking approach that prioritises the use of technology, flexibility, and career growth opportunities while promoting a strong company culture. 
If you need further help or guidance with any or all the above points discussed, please call Emerald Starfish on 0116 2080246. 
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