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Outsourcing Recruitment 

What is Outsourcing Recruitment? 
Outsourcing recruitment (or RPO) involves moving some or all of your recruitment process to an external partner. Emerald Starfish offers these services to the SME market, we are your own recruitment department. If you have between 5 - 200 members of staff but no internal recruitment function we can provide this for you when you need it. This means that you have the expertise of an experienced recruiter without having to pay agency fees. By outsourcing your recruitment you save the time that recruitment can take up as well as saving money - you pay a fixed fee per project. 

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing? 

There are many benefits of outsourcing recruitment. These include: 
Reducing the costs of your recruitment. Costs are fixed at the start and therefore save you hefty agency fees. Our costs start at less than £2,500 and typically save you over half your current recruitment costs. 
Offering you flexibility. You can pick us up and use us when you need us, rather than having an extra head in the business. 
Reduced time-to-hire. Poorly managed recruitment projects can mean that the time it takes to hire can be long, candidates have a poor experience and you may lose them in a lengthy process by them taking other roles. Outsourced recruitment reduces the time-to-hire by properly managing the processes. 
Better candidate quality. An RPO provider can spend longer with candidates and create better assessment processes to get better quality candidates infront of the hiring managers. We ensure that company and culture fit which is so important with smaller organisation is also met.  

Should you outsource your recruitment activities? 

If you feel that standard recruitment agencies are not giving you the best service, and that your recruitment is costing a lot of money with not much value added then it is worth looking at outsourcing your recruitment processes. It will mean that your time is spent only with good candidates and that your recruitment costs will decrease but the value you get from your recruitment provider will increase. Why not find out more? 

Outsourced Recruitment Services include: 

Advertising & Sourcing Candidates 

We are experts in finding the right candidates. We can advise you on the best place to advertise for candidates and manage the adverts for you so that they are SEO optimised and attracting exactly the right candidates for you. We have negotiated competitive rates with the top job boards to ensure that advertising is cost effective, whilst spreading the net as wide as possible. We will sift all candidates to your criteria to ensure that your time is only taken up with the best candidates. We will also reject all unsuitable applicants on your behalf and give feedback to all candidates that have been in the interview process. 

Screening Candidates 

As a busy recruiting manager you want to only be spending your time with the best candidates that closely match your role profile and person specification. We will screen all your applications on your behalf, conducting in-depth telephone interviews in line with requirements of the role. We can add psychometric testing in at this stage too if you require it. We will also administer the whole process for you as well so that candidates are all given feedback on their applications and no one is left unsure of what is happening. 

Interview Support 

As you are experts in running your business we can offer you our recruitment expertise. We can make sure that your interview process reflects the role that you are recruiting for by designing your interview framework to ensure that candidates appropriate skills and experiences are tested. We can create bespoke competency questions that create a fair recruitment process for candidates that are easy for your recruiting managers to use. Alternatively, why not let us run your interviews for you? We can ask the questions alongside you to ensure that you get an unbiased view of the candidates alongside our expertise to ensure that you can recognise not only the right candidate but where your future potential lies. We can help you to increase the suitability of successful candidates and also reduce your staff turnover. 

Psychometric Testing 

We offer PeopleClues psychometric tests as part of your recruitment process. These are the next generation of psychometric tests to ensure that your candidates' personality profile fits the role that you are recruiting for. The modular tests are quick for your candidates to complete via the on-line portal and we will read the results for you. In addition to this the tests create questions for you to use as part of the interview process based on the candidate's results and give feedback to the candidates too. 
You can assess candidates for their ability to process information, their personality traits in relation to the job that you are recruiting for as well as their attitude in work and their engagement with their current role and company. 


We work closely with organisations to identify and map their talent to ensure that future recruitment plans are filling skills and talent gaps rather than replicating what is already there. We work to lower your risk in terms of succession planning and to ensure that future recruitment campaigns will recruit the best candidates to help your organisational planning. 
For more information on recruitment or outplacement simply call us on 0116 2080246 or click here to contact us. 
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