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The candidate market is tough currently. There are not lots of candidates all desperate for their next role as some employers may expect. We are seeing a discerning candidate pool with clear requirements as to what they are looking for from their next role and their next employer. So, if you are recruiting currently what do you need to show potential applicants to make them interested in you? 
1. Stability 
We have all felt it over the last fourteen months. No one can look too far into the future and know what will be happening next with the pandemic. Yet for many of us, change does not sit comfortably. Most candidates, if they are looking for their next position will be looking for a company that is going to offer them stability. Make sure that your promotional literature reflects this – talk about your heritage and your plans for the future. 
2. Flexibility 
This is the number one requirement for candidates. They don’t necessarily want to work from home permanently or full time, but they do want to be offered flexibility within the workplace. Look at your policies around home working. What can you offer candidates – more flexible hours? a hybrid model of working from home as well as the office? You will lose out on candidates if you are still adopting a rigid 9 – 5, office working environment. If you are being flexible – shout about it! Candidates want to know – it will help to make their decision to apply to you easier. 
Your business is growing, you have started to employ staff, but how do you ensure that everyone is working together for the good of your business. There are six steps that you need to follow when creating a strong team. I am delighted to share with you the thoughts of Kathy Bassett from Action Coach who explains the six ways to build a winning team. 
1) Focus on Strong Leadership 
– Having strong leaders within your business is vital, whether it is just you or your management team. You need to be someone who communicates well and who everyone trusts. As a leader you will inspire others to go that extra mile. Businesses that have strong leadership display the following behaviours. Solving problems effectively. Operating with a strong results orientation. Seeking different perspectives. Supporting others 
2) Set Common Goals  
- You need to ensure that you have a Common Goal. Your team need to have a clear understanding of the direction that your business is heading in, what the goals are for the next month, quarter and year. Most importantly of all, they need to understand their role in the process and how they can help you achieve it. 
Part 2 of 2 blogs looking at rightsizing your organisation and assessing your current talent pool. 
Now is a great time to assess your workforce and look at the talent that you have within your organisation. 
As you move forward into the rest of the year you will be clear in terms of what talent you have as well as where you need to upskill, or where there are some competencies you may need to bring into the company. 
It is likely that many companies will not look or operate the same when we return to the new normal after Lockdown and the Corona Crisis, but what steps can you go through currently to ensure that you retain your talent and yet shape your business for tomorrow? 
Click below to follow our 5 Step plan. 


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