Part 2 of 2 blogs looking at rightsizing your organisation and assessing your current talent pool. 
Now is a great time to assess your workforce and look at the talent that you have within your organisation. 
As you move forward into the rest of the year you will be clear in terms of what talent you have as well as where you need to upskill, or where there are some competencies you may need to bring into the company. 
It is likely that many companies will not look or operate the same when we return to the new normal after Lockdown and the Corona Crisis, but what steps can you go through currently to ensure that you retain your talent and yet shape your business for tomorrow? 
Click below to follow our 5 Step plan. 
Step 1: Review your strategy 
What positions do you think will be critical for the long-term success of your business? What have you already got? All of those employees that you have furloughed – how many of them can you manage without – and why? Now is also the time to identify your high potential employees. These are your team members who are engaged with both their current role and the company. They embrace and embody the culture of the organisation and can perform at a high level in their current positions. They also need to be able to be flexible and willing to adapt to the new norm. 
Step 2: Identify your Key Competencies 
What are the key competencies that you need within your organisation to make sure that you are successful going forward? 
Step 3: Evaluate your current Employees 
How does your existing talent pool match up to the competencies that you have identified? You should be able to tell whether your existing staff and their skill base will meet the future needs of the business. This is a really good time to particularly look at those positions that you have furloughed. Are the competencies that you will need going forward reflected in any of these individuals? You are managing without this pool of people at the moment – what about in the new long term? 
Step 4: Put in place your employee development plan 
Having clarified your competencies and the skills that you will need going forward, where are you missing skills and competencies? What training and development can you utilise for your high potential employees to plug this gap? 
Step 5: Focus any future recruitment 
Look at any new jobs that you may need filling within your company that your existing staff are unable to do and design the job specification for them. This will make you more specific in terms of your recruitment going forward. 
A talent pool review is often on the “to-do” list but with some of us having a bit of extra time on our hands it may help you be first off the blocks when Lockdown comes to an end. For more information on talent pool assessment please contact Emerald Starfish on 0116 2080246. 
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