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Recruitment Services 

Whether you have a one off recruitment need, or you want us to take over your recruitment completely we have a full range of services to help support you.  

Employer Branding 

Employer branding is your outward message about who you are and what makes you special. This is a powerful tool for candidate attraction and retention. We can review your employer branding strategy and put in place and manage these strategies to maximise your employer branding so attracting the best candidates to work for you. 

Screening Candidates 

We provide you with an Applicant Tracking System to keep your data GDPR compliant and help with the candidate experience and management. We will screen candidates over the phone on your behalf, conducting in-depth telephone interviews in line with the requirements of the role. We will also administer the whole process for you as well so that candidates are all given feedback on their applications and no one is left unsure of what is happening. 

Recruitment Training 

Do you want to give some great recruitment training for hiring managers so that everyone is confident and consistent with their recruitment decisions? Do you want to make sure that all candidates have the best candidate experience with your company? We run short training courses to support and help your managers through the recruitment process. 

Advertising & Sourcing Candidates 

We are experts in finding suitable candidates. We will advise you on the best place to advertise for candidates and manage the adverts so that they are SEO-optimised and attract exactly the right candidates for you. We can buy cost-effective adverts across the top job boards for you. We have access to CV databases to look for suitable candidates who may not have seen your job, spreading the net as wide as possible. 


Sometimes you may need to bring specific skills into your company, or want to be more specific in terms of the type of person you want for a role. We offer daily rate head hunting and executive search services without the need for advertising to explore the candidate market. For more information on the advantages and disadvantages of headhunting and how we can help, click on the link below. 

Psychometric Testing 

Would you like more information on your candidates? We offer psychometric tests to ensure that your candidate's personality profile fits the role that you are recruiting for. The tests give extra information on their attitude at work and how engaged they are with their current role. In addition to this, the tests we use create questions for you to use as part of the interview process based on the candidate's results and give feedback to the candidates too. 
To find out more about our complete range of services call 0116 2080246 or contact us at recruitmentsolutions@emerald-starfish.com 


We work closely with organisations to identify and map their talent to ensure that future recruitment plans are filling skills and talent gaps rather than replicating what is already there. We work to lower your risk in terms of succession planning and to ensure that future recruitment campaigns will recruit the best candidates to help your organisational planning. 
For more information on recruitment or outplacement simply call us on 0116 2080246 or click here to contact us. 
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