Attracting the best candidates for your job role all begins with writing the finest job advert to promote your vacancy. 
You need to consider the following key points. 
• What you want as a company from the job advert. 
• What candidates require from the job advert. 
• How to make your advert stand out from the others. 
Before starting to write the advert, it is important to understand the difference between a job advert and a job description. 
Job Description - essentially a list of tasks that you expect an employee to do in a role. 
Job Advert - an advertisement to entice a potential candidate to work for your company. 
However, starting with the job description is a smart move when writing the job advert! 
The Basics 
In every standout job advert, there are 5 essential basics that should always be included. 
Salary Range – salary is currently the number 1 motivator for potential employees. On average an advert with no salary listed receives 53% less applications. The salary should always be a range or an up to level. 
Job Title – the job title should be one that will get people to click on the job advert. An elaborate job title that is difficult to decipher may deter candidates from opening the advert or finding it in their search in the first place. 
Location – include not only the location name but also the postcode. Job seekers often use the function of looking for a job within a certain number of miles of their home address. 
Other benefits – salary is the number 1 reason for people to move jobs, but it is important to highlight what other benefits you are offering. Include holiday entitlement, flexible working, private health insurance etc. If you offer a benefit, then shout about it! 
Timeline – before posting your job advert set some diary time aside to carry out interviews and include these dates in your advert. This helps the candidate to know the time scale of the process and whether the job is still available or not. 
Language of your adverts 
How your business communicates with candidates though your job advert should reflect your brand’s personality, goals, and beliefs. Best tones include friendly, warm, funny, and informal. Generations Y and Z prefer to be spoken to personally, so perhaps include “Are you looking for a role that will challenge you?” rather than “We are a fast-paced company.” It is also important to consider the emotional appeal of your job advert – show that you are a company who cares. 
Job adverts on social media 
Job adverts on social media are all about the graphics to catch the eye of your potential candidates. Make your advert stand out visually but also make sure you include the 5 basics as detailed earlier. It is also important to have a link to apply for the role, so all the information is easily accessible for the candidate. And most importantly don’t forget the hashtags!! 
If you want any advice on writing your own job advert or to discuss any or all the above points, please call Emerald Starfish on 0116 2080246. 
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