In today’s competitive job market attracting and retaining top talent is more challenging than ever. As companies compete for the best professional in their industry the concept of employer branding has emerged as a crucial strategy. Employer branding goes way beyond marketing a company’s products or services; It is also about shaping and promoting the company as an attractive place to work. Essentially it is the company’s reputation as an employer.  
Let’s explore the importance of employer branding and how it plays a crucial role in securing and retaining top talent. 
What is employer branding? 
Employer branding is the image that a company projects as a place to work. It should encompass 4 important aspects: values, culture, work environment and the overall employee experience. A strong employer brand contributes to not only attracting high calibre candidates but just as importantly helps to retain existing talent. It’s about creating a narrative that sets the company apart as an employer of choice. 
There are 4 areas where a strong employer brand can make an impact. 
1. Attraction of Top Talent: In a talent driven market, candidates often find that they have the luxury of choosing where to work. Having a strong employer brand makes your company stand out, this attracts candidates who align with your values and culture. This can result in the applicants for your job openings being of a higher quality. 
2. Retention of Key Employees: The next challenge when you have recruited your top talent is to retain them. A company that values and invests in its workforce are more likely to retain their employees. A strong employer brand contributes to a sense or pride and loyalty amongst employees, therefore reducing staff turnover and saving associated recruitment costs. 
3. Boost to Employee Moral and Productivity: A positive employer brand greatly contributes to a positive work environment. When employees feel proud of their workplace moral and productivity increase. This positive atmosphere can then become a self-reinforcing cycle, with engaged employees contributing to a positive employer brand and vice versa. 
4. Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace: In an overcrowded market place a strong employer brand sets you apart from the competition. Potential candidates are more likely to be attracted to your business if you have a reputation of being a great place to work. This in turn often translates into commitment and excellence within the job role. 
Creating a strong employer brand for your company involves strategic focus in 4 keys areas. 
1. Define your Employer Value Proposition (EVP): Clearly express what sets your company apart as an employer. This could include opportunities for professional growth, a positive work culture or the unique perks and benefits your company offers. Your EVP should align with your companies’ overall values and missions. 
2. Create Engaging Content: Ensure you use a variety of different channels to showcase your company’s values and culture. This could include behind the scenes videos, employee testimonials and social media posts that provides a glimpse into the daily life of your company. 
3. Consistent Messaging: Ensure that your employer brand is always consistent over all areas, from your careers page and social media to internal communications. Being consistent builds trust and helps to reinforce your company’s identity. 
4. Seek and Act on Feedback: It is important to actively seek feedback from current and former employees. Ensure you use this information to continuously improve and refine your employer brand. A company that shows they listen and respond to its employees will be more likely to gain a positive reputation. 
Employer branding is a powerful tool that can assist in the ever-competitive quest for top talent. By investing in building a positive and authentic employer brand, you can attract, retain, and motivate the best professionals within your industry. This ultimately will contribute to long tern success and growth. 
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