When searching for a new employee for your business it is essential to consider the key attributes that define exceptional recruitment. Three vital qualities that contribute to great recruitment are: 
Communication – a recent poll carried out has shown that ⅔ of candidates commented that poor communication negatively impacted their recruitment experience. ⅓ of these candidates also turned down a job offer due to the quality of the communication. Therefore, excellent communication is vital to successful recruitment. 
• Be a finisher/completer – ensure your recruitment process not only starts well but, more importantly, successfully concludes. A comprehensive process from start to finish ensures you attract and retain top talent. 
• Persistence – Candidates seek acknowledgement and positive engagement. Woo and flatter them!! If a candidate isn’t sure about a role or doesn’t come back first time persist and continue to chase them. 
Now you’ve considered the qualities that contribute to great recruitment, you need to look at the 5 little known habits that are needed to recruit successfully. 
1. Have a recruitment timeline – always start your recruitment process with an end in mind! Consider when you need your new employee to start and the notice period they may have to give to their current employer. Consider how many interview stages you will have and set diary time aside for these. Include key dates on your job advert so the candidate has a clear idea of the timeline for the process. 
2. Communicate with clarity – Poor recruitment practice has trained candidates to think that recruitment is hit and miss, with their applications disappearing into a black hole. Therefore, clear communication is paramount in a successful recruitment process. The most important things to communicate with candidates are: 
- Timelines – let them know the timeline of the process including when a decision will be made. 
- Company information – not just what you do, but why you do it and what it’s like to work for your company. 
- Testing – if you are using psychometric testing as part of your process communicate to the candidate what you are testing them on. 
If anything changes it is vital to communicate this with your candidates, you can do this via e-mail, text message or phone calls. 
3. Do what you will when you said you would – this contributes to building trust with your candidates. Make sure that you have a sense of urgency, they will be applying and interviewing for other roles too. 
4. Score candidates to remove subjectivity – it takes less than a few seconds to make a judgement on a candidate based on their appearance, voice tone, accent etc. Make sure you score candidates on their ability to do the job and nothing else. A scoring process also allows you to compare candidates objectively rather than subjectively. 
5. Listen to your intuition – this holds significant importance in a great recruitment process. Listen to your negative gut feelings on a candidate. If they score high during the interview but something doesn’t fell right explore this further. However, it is just as important to ignore your positive gut feelings. If they are the right candidate for your business, then you should have enough evidence from your interview scoring process to support this. 
These 5 little known habits are a must for every business leader, hiring manager and good recruiter. 
If you would like to discuss any or all the above points, please call Emerald Starfish on 0116 2080246. 
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