Job offers are usually made over the phone, candidates are used to receiving the news that they have been successful over the phone and managers are used to doing this not fact to face. However, during lockdown how can you ensure that the job offer is received with as much impact as if you had met the candidate and were building on that initial face to face interaction? 
Here are our 4 steps to making a job offer remotely 
1. Offer quickly 
Let the candidates know during the recruitment process when you will let them know and keep to the timelines. It is a big non-verbal clue that you think that they are the best person for the job and you are excited to have them on board if you offer within 24 hours. The message isn’t quite the same a week later! 
2. Summarize the process that the candidate has been through already 
Explain the numbers of people that you have considered for this position, the number of interviews that you have conducted and why this person is the best person for the job. We all like flattery, and to know that we were the best out of the talent pool, but this is actually about much more than this. This is about ensuring that this candidate knows why they have been successful in this role and the value that you can already see in them. Why? – because if another job offer comes there way before they start with you, you want to have already got them bought into your company. 
3. Give the job details 
Map out clearly the role responsibilities and the reporting structure that they will be operating within. If they haven’t had the chance to meet people due to your recruitment process being done remotely. Explain how they will get to meet these people and the conversations that they will want to have. 
4. Confirm the offer 
Explain exactly what the offer is, including pension, holidays, bonus potential, etc. Ask them what they think and give them the opportunity to ask any questions. If they haven’t anything to ask straight off book another meeting with them in 24 hours’ time once they have had the chance to think it through and discuss with their significant others. Be prepared for questions around home and flexible working and the balance between. 
As the job market picks up and the displaced candidates start to take new positions you want to make sure that you deliver any offers with enthusiasm and positivity so that they take your role over any others. So that your recruitment process is working for you. 
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