Do you have a recruitment need in 2022? Are you struggling to find the best candidates for your roles? Are you wondering what is the most effective way to secure the best candidates in the current job market? Here are our five top tips to help you. 
1. Keep the process brief: 
Candidates are generally in the lucky position where there are lots of suitable jobs. You would be right to assume that they have the opportunity to interview for lots of positions. Make sure that you communicate clear, short time lines so that your candidates understand when you will be making your decisions. 
2. Keep the process simple: 
If you want to test a candidate's ability to do certain things in the role, such as presentation skills, role-play exercises or psychometric testing - don't feel it necessary to tell them in advance! I think that it is still important to have robust testing as part of your recruitment process, but if you ask candidates to complete this between interview stages you will lose a significant number of applicants. Instead, have the candidates with you for longer and include time with them for them to do these extra tests, or prepare presentations etc. This is a fairer recruitment process anyway. You will know that any work they produce is their own, with no added input and everyone will have the same amount of preparation time. 
3. Make sure that the package that you offer is competitive: 
The number one reason why candidates will take a new role in the current market is money. Previously this stood at around reason number seven. With the current rises in the cost of living, why should a candidate take a position on the same amount of money that they are currently on? Their other roles that they are interviewing for are most likely to be offering more. Make the salary as well the package that you are offering attractive.  
4. Sell the dream: 
What is the opportunity for the candidate if they come and work for you? Don't just talk about the challenges and how hard the role is likely to be. Sell the training, development and the culture of your organisation. Talk about any awards or accolades that the company has won. Explain what the future with your organisation looks like. Many clients are focusing on telling candidates about the problems that they are facing, and whilst I still believe it is important that you are honest around this area - dream selling will make a difference. 
5. Ask candidates what they will do if they are made a counter offer as one of your interview questions: 
As the easiest recruitment at the moment is retention you can expect a good candidate to be counter offered by their current company. This can be so frustrating, we have had candidates that have come to us with great stories about why they want to make this next move being about their personal and professional development and having reached a glass ceiling. Only for them then to remain in their current roles when their existing boss has just made them the salary offer that didn't materialise at their most recent pay review. Start asking candidates what their current company can do to keep them and listen to their answers - how can you address these, or sell your benefits? 
If you want help with your recruitment why not speak to the team here at Emerald Starfish.. We offer retained recruitment through our outsourced recruitment department please feel free to contact us on 0116 2080246 or email 
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