Other Recruitment Services 

Psychometric Testing 

Recruitment is an expensive and time consuming process. Recruiting the wrong person can affect the performance of your entire business. PeopleClues is the next generation of psychometric tests to ensure that your candidate's personality traits fit the profile of the role that you are looking for. 
The modular tests are quick for candidates to complete via an on-line portal which ensures that your recruitment process is as streamlined as possible. The tests can also be used to assess a candidate's attitude in the workplace - a notoriously difficult thing to assess using standard interviewing techniques. The tests can also look at a candidate's engagement with their previous company and role as well as their ability to work within a team and how quickly they can process information. 

Assessment and Selection Centres 

If you want to run your own in-house assessment centres either for recruitment purposes or internal staff development Emerald Starfish can design and build your centres for you. 
We will design exercises that reflect the roles that you are assessing for and look at a range of competency assessments that are relevant to the positions that you are recruiting for. 
We can either run these centres for you in their entirety, or administer them for you with your internal staff supporting us or train your staff to assess and administer the centres so that you can run them alone in-house. We can also offer extra support and expertise on established assessment centres giving you greater confidence in the decisions that you and the company are making. 
If you would like to know more about our other Recruitment Services simply call us on 0116 2080246 or click here to contact us. 
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