The Edge 

As a candidate sometimes it is really hard to find the right information on how to apply and come across best at interview so that you can secure your perfect position. We've gathered together some of our top tips and hints to help give you "the edge".  

Posts from June 2020

Did you know that the average time that a recruiter will look at a CV is only 7 seconds? 
Applications since lockdown have increased over 7-fold? 
How can you make sure that your CV stands out compared to your competition - how does yours compare to our checklist below? 
1. Contact details at the top 
Make sure that right at the top there is your name, mobile number, email address and at least the town and postcode of where you live so recruiters know that you are in the correct location. They won't spend time calling you to find out where you are based so make it easy for them! 
2. Profile 
Underneath your contact details have about 5 lines explaining your skills and experiences as well as what you are looking for now - think of it as your headline that needs to want to make them read further. 
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