How do you get your CV to the top of the pile? How do you impress the hiring manager enough to get any interview? Follow us to find out our top 10 tips in the current competitive jobs market. 
Over 80% of the workforce have gaps on their CV, what should you be including to cover off this potential question mark on your document? 
Tip number 6 
If you have gaps between some of your jobs don't use the trick of stretching out the months or only using years to cover these up. If you have had a gap of over 3 months it is worth explaining why on your CV. 
Sifting CVs is quite a black and white process and one of the things that is often reviewed is job history. What you don't want a hiring manager to think is "why is there a gap here on this CV?". If there is a question mark around your details at best you will make it on to the maybe pile, most likely to be downgraded to the no pile later. Therefore if there is a gap, or a question mark answer it. You don't need to put more than a few words. Explain why one job came to an end and how you used this time before starting the next one. These days many candidates have very valid reasons as to why a role finished, don't be shy about your reasons and leave anyone else to fill in the gap on your behalf. 
Tip: For a gap of over three months on your CV include brief details as to why the role finished and what you did with this time. 
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