What are the advantages of using an RPO or in simple terms using an outsourced company to do your recruitment for you? And what are the benefits of working in this way? 
We get asked a lot why a business should use a company, such as Emerald Starfish, to outsource recruitment on a fixed, retained agreement. It is a fair question and our answer is… we believe there are significant advantages to using a retained recruitment model or RPO. We think there are 8 main advantaages: 
1. A consistent process: 
An outsourced recruiter will have an established, defined process already in place. Using their proven and effective techniques it will save you a lot of time trying to establish these yourself, making it easier for you and your hiring managers to follow progress and understand how the process is developing at any given time across one or multiple departments. 
2. Better tools: 
We will introduce an ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to be able to collate and communicate with candidates in a more efficient, candidate friendly manner, meaning we can reply and manage candidates quickly whilst adhering to current GDPR legislation. Good recruiters will also have access to search tools meaning they will easily be able to do more effective, broader searches to find the right candidates. 
3. Reduce time to hire: 
A retained/fixed recruiter can save time on recruiting the best quality candidates as they have the resources, tried and tested processes and also the dedicated time and expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Good candidates move quickly so if the recruitment is a lengthy, drawn out process the best candidates will no longer be available at time of offering. 
4. Reduced time cost for individuals within the company: 
On a retained recruitment drive we will work with the client to learn about the role and the company but then the client can get on with their ‘day job’ and what they do best, leaving us to go through the recruitment process. We create a shortlist of good candidates that have been screened, interviewed and prepped for each role, it is then down to the client to simple chose which candidate they feel is the best fit for them. 
5. Improve Diversity: 
Emerald Starfish and all good RPO’s will have diversity initiatives built into their processes. We would provide diverse candidates to fill your positions as part of our standard practice, which can help your workplace diversity and therefore improve business performance across the board. 
6. Increased Candidate Quality: 
The best candidates can be passive candidates, those that are working but not actively seeking a role. Retained recruiters have the resources, time and knowledge about how to approach these candidates to sell your company and the role to encourage them to apply. 
7. Enhanced Employer Brand: 
A big part of successful recruitment is building an employer brand, which is essentially the identity of your company as an employer. We can work with you to implement an employer branding strategy so that candidates are attracted to your vacancies as you are an employer of choice. This is about why a candidate should want to work for you and for you to be an employer of choice. This will encouraging the best quality of candidates to apply and increase your overall retention too. 
8. Flexibility: 
Working on a retained/RPO basis with a recruiter can offer a lot of flexibility to you as an employer, we can keep your candidate pool active so you can scale up or down your recruitment when the need arises. 
We can also get involved in as much or as little of the hiring process as you wish, you may want us to do every aspect of the process, or you may want to maintain control and only require our expertise for certain elements of the process. 
Overall, RPO helps your company in so many more ways than just cutting recruiting costs or filling positions faster. 
For more information as to how Emerald Starfish can help you with your retained recruitment through our outsourced recruitment department please feel free to contact us on 0116 2080246. 
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