2022 saw a lack of suitable candidates applying for each role and on top of this the withdrawal rate was higher than ever before for a lot of roles being recruited for. How do you deal with this whilst recruiting? 
Candidate applications, per role, are down year on year. Those that are applying are more interested than ever in terms of your company culture and your EVP as well as the role opportunities.  
What can you do to attract the right candidates to your role? 
1. Make sure that you are writing adverts to attract candidates – not just posting your job descriptions. 
2. Think about the right time to advertise – work backwards from when you want the person to start. Don’t try to do it quickly but also don’t have a pool of candidates sitting waiting for you to have time to deal with their applications. 
3. Be really clear in terms of the role. 
4. Make sure that you are advertising in the right place for the type of role that you have. 
5. Look at your long-term strategies around employer engagement and public reviews. 
Once you have managed to attract the best candidates to apply it is typical that around 35% of candidates will not attend interviews or withdraw during the process. If they do tell us they are withdrawing the most common reason for this is another job offer.  
Here is what you can do to try and limit your withdrawal rate. 
1. Find out what other positions they have in the pipeline. One of the main differences we are seeing is that candidates are not waiting to compare job offers – if they get one, they tend to take it. 
2. Keep in touch with the candidates – call them the day before their interview to check they are attending. 
3. Keep your recruitment process quick – don’t give candidates the time to go off the boil. 
4. Offer quickly and reduce the start time as much as you (and they) can. 
If you need further help or guidance with any or all the above points discussed, please call Emerald Starfish on 0116 2080246. 
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