Now is the time to play the long game. 
At the moment there are lots of potential candidates sat at home, either furloughed or working remotely for their current employers. Their job lives have changed massively over the last month. Some of them are busy, some can see the work starting to dry up, others are worrying about furlough and what will be left for them in their current role when lockdown or furlough finishes. Communication is often less, and most definitely different from before. So, as a potential future employer, what is the opportunity? 
What is your Employer Value Proposition? 
Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is what you as a company stand for, what you are looking for from your employees and customers and what do you offer individuals as an employer. Get this right now and whilst the candidate market is reshaping after this crisis, which it undoubtedly will and you will be a step ahead of the game in terms of engaging with your candidate pool. 
How can you engage with candidates now without any vacancies to fill? 
Now is the time to get your brand out there. Show potential candidates the opportunities that there are for your workforce and how you have responded and handled business during this time of change. A great example of this is Leon food restaurants, before Corona they were a fast-food chain largely city based. Their vision is to serve food that not only tastes good but does you good, they want to make it easy for people to eat well on the high street. Now they are focussing on converting their shops to sell chef created ready meals as well as other supplies. They also have their campaign to feed the NHS – this still reflects their vision of making good food accessible for everyone and it also highlights some of their values around family as well as demonstrating key messages around being supportive, fun and caring. 
What can you do currently to improve your Employer Branding? 
1. Focus on your people 
Whilst the world has changed on its axis some wonderful traits have come out that future employees will want to see reflected by their next employers. What can you do around supporting your teams? How can you demonstrate compassion, kindness and warmth? I think that these are traits that will remain important in moving into the future. 
2. Look at your communications 
Look at the key messages behind your values and look at how you communicate these externally as well as internally. Make communication honest and open. 
3. Demonstrate the actions that you have taken during this time 
Potential candidates want to see things like a good working atmosphere, the work/life balance and what you are doing around the environment and society. Make sure you have messages around this loud and clear. 
Now is the time to think about your employer branding across all social media channels to start engaging with this potential pool of candidates. Then after this Corona crisis you already have developed your talent pool. This will make it much easier to engage with these people as you start to recruit again. It’s most definitely a long game – but can you afford not to play now? 
For more information as to what you should be doing to engage candidates in the future please contact Caroline Hunt on 07584 483570 or email 
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