Three fifths of the workforce work within the SME sector, yet when you look at recruitment providers do you see half of them offering to recruit for the SME market compared to corporate? The truth is recruitment is mainly offered as a one size fits all offering – yet the needs of an SME are very different from the corporate sector. If you are an SME looking to recruit, are you aware of the differences between your roles and those in a more corporate environment and what should you be considering in your recruitment process? 
SMEs are more likely to have roles that offer a breadth of experience and require a range of skills that need recruiting for. 
A job role is more fluid within an SME as often the company is growing quickly, and people and processes need to adapt quickly to the regularly changing environment. Corporate positions often have a more defined structure and career pathway through the company. How is your recruitment provider testing candidates to demonstrate their ability to be flexible and adaptable within a role and willing to take on extra responsibilities? 
2. The number of vacancies that you have to offer 
Many recruitment agencies like to deal with larger organisations simply because of the volume of vacancies that they have to offer and therefore the potential to recruit for. As an SME you simply can’t compete on this front, however, your roles may offer something a little less standard than the usual positions and may be right for some of the candidates that they have on their books, particularly those looking for more responsibility and to grow their skills. Make sure you brief your recruiters so that they can sell the benefits of your positions to their candidate pool. 
3. Can a recruitment agency make as much money from working with an SME as it can working with a larger organisation? 
Many SME business owners are keen to do deals with recruiters, knocking their terms down by a few percentage points. Consider this, why would you get the best candidates before larger organisations if the agency isn’t going to get paid as much for a candidate compared to somewhere else? If you want to do a deal with a recruitment agency look at other things rather than a straight reduction in recruitment costs to ensure that you get the best service. Look at offering the vacancy to them on an exclusive basis or a reduction in their rebate terms in return for a lower fee. 
Recruitment should be personal to your company and you should look for a recruitment organisation that can support your individual needs, and not try to treat you the same as their other clients. For a look as to how to do recruitment differently why not call 0116 2080246 or email for more information. 
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