Candidates are moving quickly at the moment. Your candidates are most likely to already be in a job and their average job search from start to acceptance will only take them on average 35 days. 
What four things can you do to ensure that you have a fast and agile recruitment process, meaning that you have the pick of the best candidates? 
1. Make Applications Easy 
In the days of one-click purchasing on line make sure that your candidates have a similar experience in terms of being able to apply. Remove the need for covering letters, or long application forms. You want a candidate's CV quickly - if they look good you can pick up the rest of the details later. 
2. Put your time aside for interviews now 
Interview candidates that have the right skills and experience as and when they come up, rather than gathering a pool of candidates over a period of time to then spend a day interviewing. Be prepared to be flexible with time slots before and after the working day to fit around their needs 
3. Offer Quickly 
Be prepared to move fast, or if you can't - explain your timeframes to the candidates. Offer verbally and follow up with a letter of intent immediately, don't let them have to wait for the wheels of HR to turn - it is an opportunity for other offers to come in. 
4. Keep close to the candidate until they start 
Keep your contact informal and friendly. Get new starters to meet the rest of the team in advance. Cover off things such as lunch on the first day and office dress to make them feel confident in the first day. 
If you make your recruitment short and simple you will be more effective than your competitors and more successful in attracting the right people to your business. 
If you want any further information on how to make your recruitment process more agile and flexible please contact Emerald Starfish on 0116 2080246. 
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