Recent data shows that 33% of the workforce leave their job before they have crossed the half-year mark. Whilst this can be an opportunity to capture key talent in the marketplace it is also a challenge for employers who want to retain their existing workforce. Retention starts at day 1 of the onboarding process (if not before), so how can you maximise your recruitment investment, reduce the impact of staff turnover and benefit from the existing talent that ultimately owns your customer experience CX? 
Our guest blog by Charlotte Green, Founder at Specific Learning & Coaching Ltd, a specialist learning agency that use The Specific Method, which is a blend of insight, training, coaching and mentoring to develop leaders explains what you can do to improve your retention levels and become known as a ‘great place to work’ through implementing a successful employee onboarding process. 
Make sure you effectively introduce new employees to the Company Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values 
Implementing standardised operational checklists and templated documents as simple as it sounds, enables key people to follow a process through the cross-functional areas of your business and offers important support and a step-by-step approach that is clear and easy to understand. Imagine the overload of information within the 3 6 and 12 week period. 
Have clear job descriptions and SMART objectives for the role they have accepted 
22% of employees leave with 45 days of starting a new role. The number one reason for this is that what they experienced in interviews falls short in reality within the workplace. Make sure that employees know what their role is, where they fit in line with the vision and that their objectives are clear. Enable them to get going and show you what they can deliver. 
Ask for feedback 
Some businesses say that retaining existing employees is harder than attracting new ones. How do you measure the reasons for leaving? Capturing feedback throughout the onboarding process is critical, why wait until they are on their last day? Make sure you have in place, an affected employee engagement strategy that includes new starters and leavers. 
Support for the leadership team 
How can hiring managers be clear about the type of candidate that needs and want for the business? If a recruitment resource is in place, how can you work collaboratively with them to select the perfect candidate? What support is in place for leaders who recognise that there are challenges within the early weeks of a new employee starting, and what is the feedback cycle and evidence of support which is often critical if engaging with HR is required prior to passing a probation period? Communication is key. For more information check out Visit: Specific Learning & Coaching 
Invest in an effective onboarding process 
By enabling your leadership teams to work with HR to develop and implement an effective employee onboarding plan which takes new employees through various review periods during the first 12 weeks including a wellbeing plan you can achieve the ‘Great Place to Work’ image. A strong onboarding process can improve new hire retention by over 80% as well as increase productivity by 70%. 
Specific Learning & Coaching offer an extensive eLearning course for leaders which will enable them to implement a plan that is fit for purpose and meets the business needs, including an employee engagement platform and group coaching. For more information, Contact Us 
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