The sudden lockdown for the COVID19 crisis has been a big change for all of us in the workplace. Some of your team may have been furloughed, others working from home. Some may be still coming into the workplace and having some new social distancing rules forced upon them. 
4 Areas you should Consider to Help your Team's Mental Health during Lockdown 
A lot of us are feeling more anxious. More stressed or overwhelmed with the current situation. Gone are the daily routines and rituals which have made up our working lives for many years. Change is rarely welcomed. Here are a few things that you can introduce to your teams to support them during this time if you can acknowledge areas that they may be struggling with if working from home. 
Click below to find 4 key areas that you should look at to make sure you are looking after your team's mental health whilst they are working from home during this time. 
1. IT issues 
If you are working from home having previously been in an office environment IT will be at the heart of all you are now doing. Look at your team members, are they all comfortable with the technology that they are now using to do their job? Do they know where they can get support if something isn’t working? Make sure that your home workers know the support numbers and who can help. Make sure that they see the benefits of some of the technologies – face to face zoom meetings are not about checking out the state of their working space but to continue those connections. Are all your team members happy with it? 
2. Lack of Routine 
Most of us are creatures of habit and yet with the commute currently a thing of the past most of us are sat at our desks for longer than the usual working day. What structures can you put into the workday to support your team members? Are you having regular meetings so that you can share information? Do you start the week with a huddle to look at what you need to achieve this week? Help individuals to plan their own time and stress the importance of time away from the desk. A proper lunch break and expected finish time help. Encourage them to also look at their downtime so they have time to focus on themselves. 
3. Loneliness 
The lack of chat or “water cooler moments” can add to the common feelings of loneliness and isolation. Encourage this social interaction, can the team take lunch together via video call a couple of times a week? Do you need to offer more of your time for those of the team who live alone? 
4. External Support 
Do you offer an employee assistance programme, or have a dedicated internal resource? Are individuals aware of how to access this support? It is worth sharing articles and information around support that is available to make people feel more included. 
Supporting your work colleagues and team members during the lockdown period will not only help their mental health, but also increase employee engagement with your company if you look after them during this current time. 
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