With the latest announcement from the government and stricter lockdown rules being put in place, for what looks like could be quite a long time, you may be thinking about putting your recruitment on hold, how can you possibly do a successful recruitment drive during a pandemic? Well we think you can and we also think we can help you do it well. 
After a slow and difficult year in recruitment, the pace has changed, it is now quick and rapid. There are lots of great candidates out there – if you are looking for a Business-Critical role look sooner rather than later, the candidates at the moment are proactive – not reactive. At Emerald Starfish we can help you push on with your recruitment needs, we have everything in place to help you fully recruit remotely without coming in to contact with anyone face to face, therefore keeping the risks to a minimum for all involved. Here is how we can do this, all the while ensuring the candidates are right for you and your company. 
As standard procedure with Emerald Starfish, pandemic or not, we spend a lot of time chatting with you to find out what you are looking for. We find out what is important to you as a company and find what your values as a business are. Once we have all this information, we advertise the role for you, sift the candidates and then telephone interview the best candidates we feel could not only do the role but would fit in within your company. 
In the past, after we have a selected the strongest candidates that we believe would be best for you we would then arrange Face to Face interviews for you, not anymore! We have a new video interviewing platform - taking away the pain and time of our clients having to organise their candidates invites via platforms like Zoom & Microsoft Teams. 
The Video Conferencing Interview feature we offer allows US to 
• Schedule video conferencing interviews on your behalf. 
• Send confirmation emails to both interviewers and candidates, with their unique link. 
You will then be able to conduct your interviews via a web link - meaning no software needs to be downloaded and is 100% mobile friendly too, making it easy and accessible for everyone involved. 
We know this feature will be a huge help to all organisations finding their feet to recruit in the 'new normal' you still get the personable approach of seeing the person you are interviewing but without any of the risk to anyone involved. 
Once you have successfully video interviewed the shortlist provided and decided on your new employee the job offer can be made. Pandemic or not job offers are usually made over the phone, therefore candidates are used to receiving the news that they have been successful over the phone and managers are used to doing this. Click here to read our Blog “How to make a job offer in lockdown” https://www.emerald-starfish.com/blog/making-a-job-offer-in-lockdown/ 
We have helped you recruit the perfect candidate, now click here for “The 6 top tips on remote onboarding” https://www.emerald-starfish.com/blog/6-top-tips-on-remote-onboarding/ 
For more information on how Emerald Starfish can help you with your recruitment needs in these difficult times please call 0116 2080246. 
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