(Or what are you doing about your current employee engagement?) 
The world of work in many cases has not only been turned upside down, but things have changed almost over night with no clear end in sight for anyone yet. So, what does this mean in terms of your employees and keeping them engaged with your company and the role that they play in your success? 
More time on their hands 
The work place has changed so much in the last month and the day to day role in many cases has changed too, so how are your teams coping with this? In many cases there is less work for them to do, or you may have had to furlough some people. What can you do to make sure that once this is all over, they are still engaged with their current role and your company and are not spending any spare time they may have now researching other companies and planning to move on? 
Now is the time to show the love. 
What does “showing the love” mean? 
1. Communication 
Are you looking at how you communicate with your teams? Whether they are working or furloughed what is appropriate communication at this time? Have intentional communications with people. It’s time to show you care. Can you make time to ask your team how they are finding life at the moment? What difficulties may they be having – either adjusting to the current mood, or with more people within their household? What are the things that are the biggest worries to them? Can you get them together via video link (where had Zoom been all my life?) 
2. Comfortable environment 
Everyone knows that work atmosphere and environment is important as to how engaged people feel about their job and the company they work for. How does this translate when the work atmosphere and environment is now also their living space too? Are you aware of their work space away from the office? Do they have a proper desk to work at? What is the lighting like? What are the main distractions that they have to handle? These tend to be in the form of children, pets or partners – have you given them permission that during these times that this is okay? 
3. Flexible working arrangements 
With generation Y and generation Z one of the greatest motivators from a company is a flexibility to allow them a better work life balance. In the past it has been shown that 1 in 3 candidates have looked to leave their role as they didn’t feel their employer cared about them as a person. Now is your opportunity to “show the love” – your employees are saving time and money on commuting and childcare, part of this equation gives them more time, whilst the other part can often mean an interrupted day! Rather than counting the hours that they are at their desks look at focussing on the work that needs completing. Allow individuals latitude around childcare issues and start times. They will appreciate an employer who trusts them and in addition this will increase morale and employee engagement. 
4. Celebrate 
High morale will improve retention and one of the ways to do this is with celebrations. This may seem an odd thing to do at the moment – but you know what? The rule book has already gone out of the window! Make sure that whilst people are working from home that the little things don’t get forgotten. If you have always remembered birthdays and company anniversaries, don’t start to forget them now. If these haven’t been on your radar before, it’s a great time to implement them. Ask individuals who are celebrating to share their social media pictures with you and if possible, use these to build your employer brand externally on social media posts. This will make your place seem an even better place to work after this crisis has passed. 
Keep your teams close during this time. Lots of recruiters are offering free CV and Linked In re-writes and updates. Don’t let this crisis be a time for your teams to be planning their next career move, rather get it to be a time when they realised all of the reasons why they want to stay and work for you when all of this has passed. 
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