There is currently much worry about the Coronavirus and how this will affect businesses and particularly what changes will need to take place within the workplace to accommodate a rise in risk. As an employer you may be reviewing your handwashing facilities, cleaning regimes, looking to minimising travel and you may also be putting in to place contingency plans to support staff if remote working becomes a necessity. With all that said you may still have recruitment needs and finding the ideal candidate does not have to wait. 
Starfish Towers has become Starfish Study once more. We are finishing off some pieces of recruitment currently and are still hopeful that our clients will be able to take these people on, but we are also realistic that no one knows what the next month, or even the next week holds. So, what now? 
Emerald Starfish are here to help. We are quieter than we expected to be, unsurprisingly. Now is the time for planning and reviewing. If you have been meaning to sort out your job descriptions of your current team, or are looking at strategically planning you workforce needs and want some work done around your current talent pool, why not call us? 
We are happy to help; it’s our area of expertise and we aren’t going to charge you a penny. 
For us it’s important to keep in touch with the market, to understand the short term and long-term issues that companies are facing around their staff, utilise our skills and offer to help you. We want to keep busy and support you too. 
Please feel free to contact me to discuss how we can help you. Please check out our website or call me on 0116 2080246. 
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