In a recent survey (last week) 78% of all companies who responded said that they are currently doing less hiring than before lockdown or no recruitment activities at all. 
Those companies that are still recruiting are focussing on their business-critical roles, and for those that have identified these vacancies within the organisation, they need to get good quickly at remote recruitment. 
Is this you?  
Click below for our 5 top tips to be successful in remote recruitment. 
1. Look at how you Attract Talent Remotely 
Talent attraction is already a remote recruitment activity, with most job postings occurring on line, applications being made through an ATS and even headhunting or executive searching being done over the phone. To be even better in this area you need to ensure that you can communicate your brand and reputation effectively on-line. You need to be able to answer remotely the common applicant question of “Why would I want to work for you?” Make sure that your website addresses this, as well as looking at using videos and on-line messages. Show the site and offices and profiles of people that already work there and get them to explain why they work for you. 
2. Make Sure Your Adverts and Job Specifications are the Best They Can Be. 
They need to work harder to explain what the role is that the candidate is looking at applying for as well as what the organisation does and what your purpose and mission are. They should explain the culture and where the company is currently on its journey. Typically, other than interview information (time, date and location) only 38% of candidates are sent any other information before an interview. It’s another chance to explain the opportunity you have on offer. 
3. Use video interviews 
Video tech is here to stay. It will be the new normal for all recruitment (you heard it here first). There are real advantages that we think outweigh the disadvantages. 
Video interviews take up less of the recruiting managers time. 
They can be booked and arranged more quickly giving you speedier access to the talent pool. 
There is also the positive environmental impact of doing it all from your desk. 
It also allows you to include different people into your recruitment process who may have not been involved before because of logistics. People from different sites, or different business areas for example. 
As an extra stage, as the candidates can’t currently visit your site set up an informal coffee remote meeting via Zoom, Skype or Teams with your shortlisted candidates and their potential colleagues so that they can have a better opportunity to ask questions. This will help you get a better buy-in both internally and externally. 
4. Make the Job Offer Remotely 
Again, this is usually a remote part of the recruitment process anyway, but you may have been allowing your recruitment agency or HR department to make the offer. Take ownership of this, an offer from the hiring manager is much more powerful than from anyone else. Explain exactly why you want to offer them the role – what did they demonstrate compared to other candidates. Make sure that they understand the reporting structure and the role responsibilities. 
Confirm the offer details focusing not just on the salary but the total benefits package. Ensure that there is time for them to process the information and to ask any clarifying questions that they may have. Expect more questions on your flexible working practices and how much of the role they can expect to do from home, as well as questions on sabbaticals and work-life balance. 
5. Book an Informal Catch up Before the Start Date 
Starting a new job is always a bit of a leap of faith on both sides. When the candidate hasn’t had a chance to visit the site or meet work colleagues in person this leap can feel larger. Book a catch up before the start date to answer any final questions that they may have. Have information around the delivery of company equipment for the individual to help them take the steps of coming to work for you. Explain how the on-boarding process will work. It’s also a great time to start building the communication channels and get them to get a feel for the company culture too. 
It’s worth remembering that most of the recruitment process has been done remotely for many years now, and very effectively. Emerald Starfish have been doing recruitment for their clients remotely for nearly 10 years now. If you want any help and advice as to how you can continue to recruit for your business-critical roles at the moment without losing your momentum why not give us a call? 
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