The candidate pool is quiet at the moment, if you are choosing to run your recruitment projects yourself how can you make sure that your adverts are not being skipped over by potential candidates. You want to try and ensure that all candidates who are suitable and fit within the role apply – whilst not overly encouraging those that aren’t suitable and have just “clicked to apply” as if they are shopping on Amazon. 
What are the top 3 things that you should be doing to make your adverts more attractive? 
1. Speak directly to the candidates 
Avoid using the third person to speak in your adverts. Ask questions of the candidates to help them select for themselves as to whether the opportunity is right for them. Get them to start envisioning themselves working for your organisation right from the first contact. 
2. Be clear about salary 
You know what you are willing to pay so be brave and include a salary banding so that candidates again can self-select if the role is too junior or too senior for them. Include the other parts of the package too – candidates want as much information as possible to help them to make a decision on a company and these days it isn’t just the salary that is important, it is the other parts, such as pension, healthcare etc. If you have something pretty unique to offer – shout about it, whether it is an extra day off for your birthday or scones on a Friday afternoon – these touches will make a difference. The standard £competitive will not get you to see the best candidates in the current marketplace. 
3. Flexible working requirements 
This is the number one requirement currently. What can you offer? People have changed their lifestyles over the past year and have moved to different areas of the country and bought big dogs for the lunchtime walk. They are looking for a reasonable degree of flexibility with the opportunity to work flexible hours as well as hybrid working between home and office. If you are offering this – shout about it and watch your applications increase. 
If you want more help and advice as to how to attract the best candidates as well as eliminating those that don’t fit your role profile, please contact us on 0116 2080246 or email We will help you create great adverts to attract the best candidates. 
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