As we are moving away from lockdown and through the pandemic, we are aware that the number of jobs is increasing, but surprisingly the number of candidates is not. If you find that you are recruiting now, what can you do to ensure that your preferred candidate takes your role? 
1. Increase your candidate engagement 
Over the last 18 months, there have been some significant shifts in recruitment to manage the need for new staff. We are all aware that recruitment has become even more remote with interviews being carried out remotely either using TEAMs, Zoom or specialist recruitment platforms. However, this can lead to your candidates being less engaged with your processes and therefore your company, which can lead to rejections by candidates at the offer stage. If you are running full remote recruitment processes make sure that you offer the opportunity for candidates to engage differently. Maybe send them a pack pre virtual meeting containing a coffee or tea bag and a biscuit or cake so that after the formal interview you can invite them for a quick coffee to answer any questions that the process may have thrown up for them? Give them your mobile so that if anything comes up during the process, they can speak to you directly rather than having to go through the recruitment agency. If you build these relationships now you will be more successful in attracting and offering to the right candidates for your business. 
2. Share your company information about your performance during COVID 
This is the number one piece of research that candidates are doing. Make this information easy for them to find. We have had candidates researching everything from the financial performance of the company to how they treated their staff that continued working and those that have been furloughed. There is still much uncertainty about the near future and if you want to attract the best candidates away from the safety and security of their current employers you need to be able to demonstrate the opportunity that you offer. Make sure you tell the story of how your business has performed over the last 18 months and why, as well as the support that you have offered to your workers across this time. 
3. Make clear your Working from Home and Flexibility policies from the outset 
Whilst most people do not want to work from home all the time the idea of flexibility around working is now mainstream. Companies that can offer this will be more highly favoured by the workforce than those that do not. If you are not able to support flexibility within the workplace, make it clear from the start so that you aren’t wasting your and the candidate’s time. 
Emerald Starfish support companies with their recruitment and candidate attraction to ensure that you are seeing the best candidates for your roles. If you want any more information on candidate attraction or would like to speak to us about recruitment please call 0116 2080246 or email 
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