The outsourced recruitment model is significantly different from using a standard recruitment agency. If you aren’t happy with your current recruitment provider and are interested in finding a new way of doing things what are the problems you may encounter with using an outsourced recruitment solution? 
1. You will be charged regardless 
The outsourced recruitment model is based on paying for the time it takes to recruit rather than a placement fee. This means that as soon as you engage with a company there is a bill to pay. However, you will find this is much less than a placement fee and you will get much more help, support, and guidance through the recruitment process. If you think that on average it takes a recruiter 6 days to find a candidate for you – then look at what a placement fee equates to – and do the maths, this is a much higher daily rate than you would usually pay for this level of consultancy using an RPO. 
2. None of the candidates may be successful 
This could be true of any piece of candidate searching – after all, you are dealing with people rather than product and they can do the most peculiar things! It is about making sure that you are working in partnership with the organisation that you have engaged with so that they fully understand the role and your timelines as well as larger pieces such as the importance of the role to your organisation and team dynamics etc. 
3. Our situation may change and we may not need this headcount. 
If things are still fluid with your organisation and there is a possibility that you might not recruit then an outsourced recruitment solution isn’t the right solution for you. As you are paying for the whole service you don’t want to waste the RPOs time – or your money on something that might not come to fruition. If you are testing the job market, or think that you might take someone on if the right person comes up then a better solution for you would be using a standard agency or an Executive Search (headhunting) option. 
If you are consistently unhappy with your current hiring options but are continuing to do the same activities, isn’t it time to consider something different? To see how we can help please call 0116 2080246 or email for more information. 
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