As we move into 2019 as a Hiring Manager what trends do you need to be aware of in the candidate market to ensure that you are getting the best candidates apply in the New Year? 
Throughout 2018 the candidate market has been difficult with there being more jobs than available candidates. Candidates who were looking for new positions have been in the situation where they have been offered a number of roles. Brexit offers uncertainty and the job market has been seen to slow in the last quarter of the year, but what should you be doing in 2019? 
Emerald Starfish offer 4 recruitment tips in 2019. 
1. Focus on Retention 
Candidates and the relevant skills base are sparse in the current market place, so don't let great people go in the first place! Ensure that you understand what is happening with your people and what their motivations are for working for you. Take time to ask for feedback on your current strategies and why individuals work for you as well as what would make them consider leaving you. Look at the development and training that you offer and ensure that your salaries are appropriate to their roles and responsibilities. 
2. Look at your Employer Branding 
75% of job seekers consider an employers brand before even applying for a role and 84% of people said that they would leave their current job for a role with a company that has an excellent reputation. Keep your eye on sites such as glassdooor and think how you can enhance your reputation in your market place. 
3. Flexible Recruitment Strategies 
Current buzzwords in recruitment and candidate engagement include terms such as "collaborative flexible workplace". Many individuals, particularly millenials want flexibility in work. Look at your hours, they location from which they can be based and whether someone with a "portfolio career" could bring the skills you need. 
4. Social Recruiting 
73% of millenials found their last position through a social media site. Make sure that you are covering all your bases when looking for candidates by advertising on Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Job boards aren't yet a thing of the past, but we do need to make sure you we are looking for candidates in other places too. 
For help and advice to ensure that you are approaching recruitment in the right way for your company in 2019 please contact us. 
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