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Emerald Starfish GDPR Statement 

At Emerald Starfish we are taking GDPR and the way we handle your personal data very seriously. Therefore we commit to undertake the following, for your safety and reassurance: 

Handling of Candidate Information 

When you apply for a role via one of the job boards we use, your personal data enters our bespoke Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which keeps the data from all of our recruitment projects separate. We promise: 
1. To share your data only with the specific client to whom you have applied. 
2. If you are unsuccessful at the applicant stage we will keep your details only for the duration of the recruitment project (typically 2 months). Your details will not leave the ATS and once you have received a rejection letter, you can be assured that all the details we hold on you will be deleted. 
3. If you are an active candidate (someone who we want to progress within the recruitment process), your details will be shared only with the client company to whom you have applied. This information will include your contact details, application form, CV and any telephone interview notes that have been generated. Our aim is to share as little as necessary, and only details relevant to the position for which you have applied. We have monthly procedures in place to ensure that any trails of personal data are deleted, and we have a comprehensive process for the removal of all data at the end of each recruitment project that we run. 
4. One of the services that we offer to our clients is the identification of future potential from existing candidates (you may not be suitable for the position for which you have applied, but the client may have a future role for which you might be suitable). If we do identify you as having 'future potential' for our client, we will contact you for permission to retain your details, in which we will clearly state the length of time for which we would like to hold your details for this client only. You will need to give this permission to us in written format. After the stated length of time has passed, we will automatically delete all your details or contact you again for further permission if applicable. 
5. If you are the successful candidate in one of our recruitment projects, you will be treated in the same way as our active candidates. 

Additional Information for our Clients: 

When Emerald Starfish acts on your behalf as your internal recruitment team, you can be assured that we have robust procedures in place in order to comply with GDPR in terms of dealing with both your company's data, and that of the candidates we process for you, in accordance with our 'Terms & Conditions' (Clause 2.7). 
1. We store all our client information on a secure Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), including all relevant contact details (names, addresses, email addresses, mobile phone numbers and landlines), and records of conversations and actions relating to potential and active recruitment projects. This information is treated with the utmost confidentiality, as detailed in our 'Terms & Conditions' (Clause 2.6) and will not be shared with candidates without prior permission. This data will be stored on the CRM for as long as it remains relevant to our relationship with the client, unless we receive written notice that the client no longer wishes that we retain it. 
2. Any communication between Emerald Starfish and our clients, which is stored within our email system, will be deleted on a regular ongoing basis in line with our internal administration policies. 
3. Whilst dealing with candidates on your behalf, we will treat the retention of their personal information as detailed in the above section, in order to comply fully with GDPR regulations. 
4. All our clients are offered access to the ATS in order to view applicant information, and where clients have access to personal data about candidates, we assume that they too have systems in place to comply with GDPR. 
If you want to know the data that we are keeping on you either as a client or a candidate please contact us directly, and if you have any queries at all about Emerald Starfish's handling of your data, please contact us directly